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Social media communication and design:
Enthusiastic. Inspiring.

Some agencies say “content is queen”, while for others “conversation is king”. We don’t believe in simple formulas from a do-it-yourself kit for agencies. We believe in enthusiasm. And that is precisely what we convey, effortlessly. Our editors are real sports enthusiasts, specialising in motorsport and football. And because they love what they write about, the readers sense their passion. And because they know what is exciting and what is a fad, what is exceptional and what is normal, they find just the right words. Emotional, to the point, and linguistically skilled. On the social networks Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumbler, etc. And because emotion isn’t everything, we also offer profound knowledge – thanks to a highly professional method of analysis. What is popular? What isn’t? Which post/tweet is the best when and where in the world? We will help you with that. Or even better, we’ll do it for you. “excellent”.

We provide our customers with the whole social media communication and design package. We post and tweet, moderate and animate, monitor and analyse. We provide gimmicks via apps and wow effects via gadgets. The editors at Excelsion GmbH have always been digital hipsters. They themselves are sport geeks and tech-savvy, rather than forcing brand communication strategies on social network concepts. And our success shows we know what we’re doing. Without the do-it-yourself kit for agencies.